meet us

Here's what we sound like at a reception: 17 minutes of music -- listen as you browse!

Yes, we do weddings.

For some reason, the classic jazz sound has come to represent a certain type of occasion: sophisticated, relaxed, non-cheesy, cool, elegant. It's the perfect music to clink a glass to.

"You guys were great! Your music was really the perfect setting for our reception. Thank you for everything... You're the best!"

Molly & Mark

As you go about your reception, renewing acquaintances, sharing joy with favorite people, we're there, filling the air with music that brings a sense of celebration. When the Jazz Protagonists play at your reception, people can talk comfortably -- but often you'll find them spontaneously taking a whirl on the dance floor.

"You all were talented and very professional. You were so patient in answering all my nitpicky questions.... We really appreciate all the work you did with us to make the reception just right."

Elizabeth J

We know that planning a wedding, even a small one, is a huge task. Our theory is that you've got enough to worry about without having to worry about the band.

So we make ourselves easy to deal with. We've got years of experience. That means we know just about every wedding place in town -- we know what to bring for a big or small place, we know what their electrical situation is, what their lighting is like -- all the details that you, therefore, don't have to mess with.

Our contract is simple and straightforward. We set up easily, our equipment looks good and non-trashy, and we dress and look nice.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful music! I enjoyed it so much and I know everyone else did too. It was just what I always wanted for my wedding reception."

Karri & Brandon

We're glad Karri thinks so. She was one of those brides that had a potential problem the day before the wedding: the reception place called and said they couldn't get the piano to the place she wanted it. So she called us -- just a couple of hours before her own rehearsal, remember -- worried about what was going to happen. We simply said, "Don't worry. When you walk in, everything will sound great, AND it will look right. We'll get there in time to set up so that it all looks and feels like it's supposed to. You can trust us." She knew she could, and she didn't have to think any more about it. And guess what: her reception turned out gorgeously.

That's what happens when you deal with us.

Why not give us a call or shoot us an email, and let's start talking about your big day.